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Why Work With Us?

Our difference

Both our people and our robust technology across all channels set us apart from our competitors, allowing us to create value for your company while speaking on your behalf.

Facts …

  • World class service quality
  • Well-trained, motivated workforce
  • Great facilities and spacious working environments
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • ‘Hub’ operation in London, with regional ‘spoke’ centres
  • Managed by entrepreneurs with a stake in the business
  • Vastly experienced senior team
  • TPS, PCI and GDPR compliance
  • Unified agent desktop solution by Infinity CSS

… & figures

Combined management experience: 100+ years
Sales generated: over 2 million
Voice & chat interactions per hour: 2,000+


Interact differently

Hub and spoke model

Interact was founded in 2011 by the former UK management team of one of the world’s largest outsourcers.

The concept of the company is a ‘hub and spoke’ operation, with a network of regional medium-sized contact centres feeding into a central ‘hub’ in Richmond that takes care of IT, HR, finance, sales, marketing – leaving the centres to focus on running quality contact centre operations.

The intention is to locate the regional centres in areas of high unemployment, with the first based in Wigan.

Local entrepreneurs

Each regional centre is led by a local entrepreneur, who enjoys a shareholding in the business and a significant amount of autonomy, underpinning the sense of this being a business in and of the community.

The hub and spoke model employed by Interact facilitates ‘buy-in’ at all levels, in a manner that businesses focusing on larger sites would struggle to achieve. Each site is able to maintain a personal feel in which every member of staff will be known by name by the senior management team.

Company culture

The culture of the company is based on the premise that a successful contact centre operation is all about day to day operational management and getting the detail right. Also, recognising the fact that success comes from the bottom up and cannot simply be imposed.

At its core, the model is dependent on immersing staff in the organisation’s culture through a range of developmental and engagement activities, that, as well as being beneficial for staff, result in loyalty and a tacit return on those investments.


Meet the team

Our experienced team has 100+ years’ combined experience of helping the world’s leading brands manage award winning customer communication and acquisition campaigns, both in the UK and internationally.

Neil Perring


Michael Pollock

Managing Director

Sarah Leff

Operations Director

Tim Pardoe

Finance Director

Tina Squire

Digital Operations Director

Neil Barber

Director - Wigan

Steve Perring

Non-Executive Director


Quality, compliance and training

It’s all about the team

Through the management team’s expertise and industry experience we know there is a direct link between a well motivated and engaged work force and increased business performance. We therefore have development programmes designed to unlock employees’ discretionary behaviour.

Our development programmes have graduation bays that allow us to benchmark performance prior to agents going out into a live contact centre environment. The smaller contact centre model with open plan environment has also helped employees to learn and grow as they have day to day contact with the MD and management team.

Working parties and regular weekly sessions to engage staff provide feedback to help the success of the operation. It is by encouraging this culture of involvement and performance that we are able to achieve results for our clients.

Development programmes

The development programmes are designed to test skills at all levels as we guide our staff down the path that maximises their talents, future development and career aims. This starts with championing initiatives within teams (e.g. product and incentive champions) – truly delegating responsibility to drive initiatives. Responsibilities are flexed, amended and increased as employees find their calling. This strategy has driven growth with over 80% of management positions successfully filled by internal recruitment.

To support ongoing growth of our staff and buy-in to our culture we’ve introduced a development bursary budget which staff can apply for to promote personal development in whatever field they choose. This has, for example, included funding a CIPD qualification for one of our sales team interested in developing a career long term in HR.

Working hard to find solutions and development of our staff has helped drive improved performance for our customers.


Enhancing customer interactions

Flexible technology to suit your needs

Whatever your needs, all of our centres are fully equipped with the latest and most flexible technologies.

We can do everything you’d expect a modern contact centre to do, like call blending, predictive dialling, skills-based routing, automation (where absolutely appropriate), remote monitoring, and multimedia contact management.

Working with best-of-breed partners enables us to be highly reactive and fast to respond to client needs. Although some clients bring their own technology, the Infinity Agent Desktop is at the heart of many of our solutions. We are also a LivePerson partner company for live chat.

Technology overview

  • Agent desktop solution from Infinity CCS: improves service and efficiency
  • Outbound dialler: boosts productivity and reduces costs
  • Webchat from Liveperson: integrates with your website
  • Data sourcing, enriching and analytics: improves performance
  • TPS and PCI compliance: protects data and ensures security

Data solutions

At Interact we’re also experts in sourcing, mining and analysing data to improve the value of your interactions with customers and prospects. We have brought together, with our IT partners C-Centric, a team of specialist marketers, data analysts and technology experts to deliver a unique range of services and technology solutions.

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