Helping You and Your Customers Achieve Your Goals

We create value for your business through human interaction

Interact Differently

Creating value for you in every interaction can sometimes mean doing things a little differently. That’s because our senior management’s combined 100-plus years in the contact centre outsourcing industry has led us to establish a set of principles that work.

Value Creation

Too often recently businesses have lost sight of the fact that true value is only created through natural interaction between people.

In short, let people do what comes naturally to them —have conversations— and value will follow. It’s just a bit more challenging, particularly on a large scale. But it’s what we do day in, day out.

What We Do

We manage personalised interactions with your customers (and prospects, of course) across all inbound and outbound channels and all contact media, including voice, email and live chat.

Our expertise spans all industry sectors, and we have worked with many leading private and public sector organisations.


Finding, converting & onboarding new customers

Outbound, inbound and multi-channel programmes

Customer acquisition is not just a numbers game. It’s also a quality game. You want to target the right people and convert them into loyal, lifelong customers.

Interact is an expert at supporting customer acquisition activities, particularly in high-volume sectors like telco, broadband, energy, financial services and media.

From planning and design, to execution and reporting, several members of our team pioneered high-volume acquisition campaigns in the 1990s.

We have been at the forefront of the drive for compliant outbound dialling and, more recently, have innovated with digital channels.

From our contact centres, we deliver acquisition programmes across all channels, including outbound phone, inbound phone, webchat, mobile, social media and email.

In numbers

Hundreds of millions of £s of products and services sold
Over 3 million interactions handled each year
30 years' experience of acquisition campaigns


Nurturing lifelong customer relationships

B2C, B2B, account management and channel support

With multiple channels, complex products, more competition and tighter-than-ever margins, delivering great service today is a specialist business. One that we know inside out.

With the right blend of people, process, culture and technology, Interact is able to deliver the operational excellence and customer outcomes your business requires.

Interact was a finalist in the European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards 2016 for Best Outsourcing Partnership —which shows the value of our commercial solutions— and Employer of the Year —which shows the success of our staff-focussed culture.

At a glance

  • Two 150+ seat contact centres, in Richmond and Wigan
  • Inbound and outbound customer service
  • From SME account management to channel support to consumer helpline
  • Phone, email and webchat channels supported
  • Social media —care, reviews and social listening


Convert and retain website visitors & app users

Digital and mobile are where consumers are – right now!

You have enticed a visitor to your website or app. Whether a prospect or an existing customer, the chances are you want this person to take some action —find information, give you feedback, pay a bill, buy a product— as quickly and frictionlessly as possible.

Inbound and outbound webchat —on both desktop and mobile— has been proven to hugely increase conversion rates on all kinds of websites, and even in app, in all kinds of sectors.

Not only does it increase revenue, it’s also a great source of customer feedback. What’s in it for you?

  • Thought Leadership
  • Trusted Advisor Status
  • Increased Revenue
  • True Differentiator
  • An Easier Investment Decision
  • A Faster Return on Investment

The possibilities

  • Targeted Messages
    Serve custom messages to visitors depending on their history, loyalty or expected value to achieve sales, satisfaction or service
  • Campaign Echo
    Ensure site messaging is consistent with the email or advertising content that brought them there
  • Geotargeting
    Tailor messages and promotions according to your customers’ language, country, region or city; even target by device
  • Cross-Sells and Up-Sells
    Present visitors with complementary products and services based on dozens of parameters
  • Visitor Rescue
    Target visitors who hesitate or show signs of abandoning with special offers and calls to action
  • Site Pathing
    Hide or highlight features or sections of a site to certain visitors depending on their online behavior, location or device