Interact helps local rugby club hit the ground running

Interact Wigan have started a sponsorship of local rugby team, Wigan Bulldogs in an attempt to create a stronger sense of community and assist with the acquisition of new kit.

The kit, featured below, pays homage to the Bulldogs’ rich history of players, coaches and supporters.



Just in time for their 40th anniversary, the new kit commemorates previous years’ designs and has been created by the same supplier who designed the well-known stripe for the original Beech Hill Bulldogs. The crest and colours remain the same since 1981.

We spoke to one of the club’s longest serving members about what the club means to him:

“I have been part of the Wigan Bulldogs for over 21 years, and if I’m being honest, I could not imagine being anywhere else! The best part of being at the Bulldogs is the family atmosphere and commitment that is shown daily.” – Steve Prescott, Interact Wigan.

It all started in 1981 with the Beech Hill Bulldogs, a group of friends who frequented the Beech Tree pub. The club ran for several years before re-establishing themselves has the Keepers Bulldogs, then associated to the Keepers Inn on Woodhouse Drive. After a further 8 years, a  third rebranding launched the Wigan Bulldogs as we know them today. Since then, they have continued to grow and flourish, creating a community of players, supporters and future rugby prodigies.

In 2014, they introduced their first junior team and since then, have continued to to create a community of rugby lovers across Wigan.

The generosity from Interact has meant that Wigan Bulldogs can go forward into 2021 full steam ahead. We really look forward to continuing similar contributions to the local community and cannot wait to see what the Wigan Bulldogs can pull out this year!